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    Debian no longer bootable

    A month or so ago, I added Debian 4.0 R0 to an existing multiboot system containing Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Home. After a couple of false starts, I was able to get everything working correctly... the Windows multiboot option screen allowed me to boot XP Home, XP Pro, or Debian. Last week, it stopped working.. when I select Debian, I get a screen with the top (only) line saying "GRUB: Loading Stage 2...." and then I am taken back to the BIOS startup screen, then the multiboot option screen again. The only recent changes have been Windows Update fixes applied to XP Home, and a few Debian updates the last time I successfully booted Debian. Does the "Loading Stage 2..." line indicate that I've gotten through the Win XP loader ok? If so, where do I start looking for the problem in the Debian partitions? When I installed Debian, I created a /boot partition containing GRUB. It sounds like I'm getting into GRUB but nothing after that. (This is my first Post here, so speak slowly and clearly...

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    problem can be solved if you reinstall grub .If you using a multiboot OS mode
    dont use windows boot.ini file to init linux partition ,only grub.Use any cd with debian, before loading the kernel type rescue after a few steps debian installer will give you a couple of option one of them is reinstalling grub.
    Note: if this dont work a will give other option.

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    If GRUB is properly installed on your computer, you might also be able to fix the bootloader with the SuperGRUB LiveCD:

    Super Grub Disk Webpage: Home Page

    Just download the ISO image, burn to CD, and boot your machine with it in the drive. Follow menu driven prompts to fix bootloader.

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    Thanks.. I'll try that if I have to. Since my original post, I've created a Knoppix CD (which loads and runs ok) and a GRUB boot floppy (which loads and runs ok). Next step is to use Knoppix to better understand the layout of the Debian system, and then maybe copy Debian's GRUB menu.lst file to the floppy and see if I can directly boot Debian using the floppy. Watch this space for further details, but be patient -- I'm still learning many of the basic commands. I guess at this point I'm a PROSPECTIVE Linux Newbie...

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    Well, some progress... after learning a bit more about GRUB, I was able to boot up Debian from the GRUB floppy. I then copied the GRUB 'menu.lst' file from Debian onto the floppy, and was able to boot all three HD-resident systems from the floppy's new GRUB menu. Next step is to use the floppy to replace GRUB on the Debian /boot partition. If that works, maybe I'll replace the Windows bootloader with GRUB. (verrrry carefully...)

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