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Thread: Blank Slate!!!

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    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the advice. I do have a 2 GB flash drive that I am going to use to down load the Ubuntu 7.10 to. The actual plan is to down load this program onto this PC and run it to the flash drive. Is this thie correct order?
    This has me confused and needs some more explaination. "Just be sure to leave enough unpartitioned space for the NTFS partition." I was under the impression that the NTFS partition had to be in place before I could install the OS to the HDD. I have read that Linux can be run directly from the cd without installing it. I am under the impression that there has to be some kind of OS already on the HDD before I can do this. Is this correct?
    The only thing I have ever done with any of the pcs that I have owned is to reformat the with on the phone assistance. I have also reinstall the OS but have never had to do a partition before.
    When you get the chance, could you or someone else please guide me through the steps I will be needing to take in setting up this new HDD so I can get it correct the first time.
    Thanks, Bill Henderson

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    Here is what I would do, since you can't burn CD/DVD's:
    Order the CD's and insert that into the drive, reboot and start the install. It's really easy to install Ubuntu even if you have very little knowledge of computers.You don't need an NTFS to install Linux and you can run Linux from the CDrom if you want to, but since it's running from the CD drive, it''s going to be slow. CDroms aren't half as fast as a HD. Once you start the install, it'll ask you how you want to partition the HD and so forth, if you have any problems there is always someone here to help.
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    Here's the walk-though for a graphical Ubuntu installation that might also help:

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    Hello Mike & All,
    As I mentioned in my last posting, I do have a 2 GB flash drive that I am going to down load Ubuntu 7.10 onto. What I think I have failed to mention is that the HP Compaq D530 SFF can boot from cd, floppy, HDD and USB.
    The fact that this program can be run from the cd also tells me that I should be able to run it from the flash drive. I am currently down loading this program onto this PC all 695.81 MB of it. When the down load is completed, I will plug in the flash drive and run the program onto it. With 2 GB of room available there is plenty of room.
    The big question is about installing the program to get me onto the internet. I do have the cd for this. We are totally wireless and our ISP is also wireless.
    I do believe that this will be a fun educational experiment. With any luck, I should be back online early this evening. Thanks for the wonderful information as once I do get the running from the flash drive, I am also hopeful that I can burn my own copy from the flash drive onto a cd on the HP.
    Any other thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.
    Thanks, Bill H

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