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    Console/Graphical Login

    When I turn on my linux box it now boots to the console login screen instead of the graphical login screen. All my HDD's seem to be booting fine and everything... and I don't remember doing anything to change the login process... I've heard there is some simple solution to it involving the boot menu or the run level or something obvious...

    It used to boot to fedora core 5's GNOME desktop environment, but it stopped now for some reason and just boots to the console.

    Any easy fixes?

    oh! and by the way, startx command doesn't seem to be working... it gives me an error: No such command. Can't get into GNOME at all.
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    If startx gives No such command you might have done something stupid being root?
    you have to reinstall And Id check your logfiles if Id were you.

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    something stupid? hmm... sounds like something I could have done... lol can't immagine what though...

    This system has always been unstable though... memory errors and the HDD's are getting way old and stuff in it... I would immagine its a hardware problem more than something I accidently did... but it very well could have been something I did and I just don't remember... bah, no matter... I think I'll give a shot at checking logs and reinstalling (though I doubt I'll be able to figure out how to do either of those lol) just for practice... then probably reinstall linux.

    P.S. thanks for the reply... its good to know there are people out there that can help you when you have problems in linux like I do for people with problems with software development and mucking around windows.
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