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    Internet connection Help Please

    Hellow ! I am currently living in Alexandria, Egypt.
    Sience I have been here I have befriended an Egyptian who owns an Internet Cafe here. He has 25 computers running on a network running MS Windows XP. Because I freqwently go to his cafe I have seen all the problems he has everyday with MS Windows. Without going into the details of all the problems he has with MS Windows, as I'm sure you all know about the Incredible difficulty it is having an Internet Cafe with 25 computers running MS Windows on the Internet. (Pssss No firewall)

    What I have done is.... I have covienced him to convert from MS to Linux. I did this because I'm sure that he will be very happy when he sees the difference between the both but I have a little problem, I only used linux brefly when i was back in the States and I was very happy with it. I had Suse 9.0 I belive. I would like to know if someone could possibly help him in getting his computers running on the Internet and his network set up. I know that this is alot to ask for but we would be very appricative.

    Linux is hardly known here and the people here have a habbit of not migrating from the old to the new in most cases. For Example this is probbbly the only Cafe Running XP, the rest are running Windows 95 and the computers barly run at all I not kidding. Some Cafes you go to and tou have to wait 5 minutes just for the Explorer window to open.

    If someone could spend some time and help us we would deeply appreciat it and also I dont think it will be very difficult because he has extinsive computer training exspcialy in networking.

    Thank You

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    i think that the best solution for your friends problem is to setup a bsd machine as a firewall & keeping the other machines updating using ms-autoupdate.

    i think that there are "firewall distributions" you can download - i.e you download a distro that is optimized to be a firewall and nothing more - but don't quote me on this, i'm sure someone here could point you to such thing if it does exists.

    it's not so simple to teach some one during 1 post how to run a net cafe on linux if the only thing he knows is how tcp/ip works.

    just my 0.005$ advice (:

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    Welcome to the forum ! I would suggest your friend to use IPcop (~30mb firewall specialized distro)on one machine and whatever linux OS (I would recommend slackware, but it is a bit tough - maybe Mandrake is better for your case) on the others. Be sure to download and install Webmin because it is easy to use and has a nice interface (in a browser). And be patient because hardly anything in computers works at first touch Good luck !

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    i would suggest you to install suse has firewall and the setting of your network will not be such difficult because yast2 will do the work for you.the only thing is to set-up the basics.
    you can find it here:
    have fun!
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