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    Debian & Ubuntu EMC?

    Presently have a CNC Sherline that uses EMC. Was able to install the new version 4.51 BDI-EMC very nicely. I was able to create partitions for Ubuntu EMC & eventually Windows XP. Downloaded the 6.06 ubuntu version from However unable to get this to install? It appears that ubuntu did download on my cd copy. When starting up pc with ubuntu in CD system goes into debian and doesn't stop at the cdrom to install ubuntu, even when start from cd is selected. Cmos has selected cdrom to be accessed first. Any assistance or suggestions you can give would be very much appreciated. Was hoping to triple boot with ubuntu and eventually xp.

    Also when logging out & turning off computer is selected when shutting down debian neither monitor or pc shuts down. Even after 10 - 15 minutes the penguin comes on screen and everything freezes up so to speak. Shutdown requires turning off the power switch to pc. Must be doing something wrong?
    but what?? Thanks again!


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    Most likely the disk was burned incorrectly. You should be seeing a few directories on that disk. If it looks like a single iso read this PuppyLinux: Burning iso Basics

    That shutdown problem is very common with ubuntu*. Probably a bug although they refuse to admit it. I've experienced it with two amd machines. There are some fixes if it bothers you. None of the fixes worked for me btw.

    Downloading from linux.cnc was a wise choice imo. The developers there have one of the best open source projects anywhere.

    * and also debian itself by sounds of things
    WARNING: I may be telling you more than I know !

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