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    Need advise on what to get!

    I am looking to converting to Linux OS, and would like some imput on what I should be looking for. I use my computer mostly for internet surfing, email, and work related things like a teacher's gradebook program, word processor, and occasionally downloading and recording music. I also like to deal with digital photography, and I use MS PictureIt. Overall, I am not an expert in anything, but I do like to use the computer more than the casual user. I am a fan of Firefox, and have been keeping up with it for the last 6 mos or so. I also use Norton Antivirus, and programs such as Spyblaster, Ad-aware, and Spybot. I am not a power user, but I have grown appreciative of some of the more advanced user options in other software, but definitely not all. I like to play around and see what works for me, but usually not until I need it. I would like to be able to add plug-ins and such when needed, but not necessarilly as part of the original package. My machine is an x86 AMD 1194mhz, with American Megatrends Bios 7.0 dated 4/01. I have 384mb of memory, and 2 drives: a 20gig with windows xp sp2 rc2, and a 4 gig with junk on it. I have a cd recorder, but is not very fast and I use a 3.0 DSL connection.

    Any help with system advise and links would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Well, you could really start off with just about any major distro. I think any distro will allow you to surf the web. Most of them come with their own mail client. I don't know about the teacher gradebook, but I'm sure you could find something you could download. Look into Open Office for word processing and such, and gimp for digital photography. Spyware or Virus protection shouldn't be necessary for Linux as long as you don't run arbitrary programs as root, but I'm sure you could find a virus scanner just in case. Like I said before, any distro would work out for you. Personally, I use Fedora, and it comes with everything I described above except the teacher grading program. It's a good distro. Look into it if you like. It's new-user friendly, and has quite a large base of driver support.

    Hope I was of some help.

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    Don't need Norton, Spyblaster, Ad-aware, Spybot or a teacher's grade book, that you need to learn to use a calac sheet. Pick a distro, any distro, they all will do all and more then you will know what to do with. Just think, in just one distro, you will get MORE, than Winblows ever will.

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