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    Linux-NetWare, Linux-MS Cross Reference???

    Being very experienced in MS and NetWare server management, I need some sort of a cross reference that shows the Linux equivalents to process in either of these two environments. I know the command line in both environments in depth. I'm reading as much as possible right now and am very new to linux so I can't offer much yet.

    For example in NetWare disk management you have

    load install.nlm - where you have menus to manage disk partitions, format and create volumes.

    Then you

    mount volumename
    dismount volumename
    and you
    load vrepair.nlm to repair volumes - like chkdsk in MS

    Any help in findong cross-referencing information would be most helpful.

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    In Linux, you can use Fdisk to create / partition your drives. Some Distro's have more "graphical" tools such as slackware has cfdisk.

    You then "mount" your drives by editing /etc/fstab

    You can also use the "mount" command to "mount" drives.


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    Thanks Jaguar - and I ran across this

    Migrating from Windows to Linux

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