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    Monitors are my bane...

    I am running an Intell CC820 Motherboard, Pentium II (400Mhz) Processor, 128MGs RAM, Linux SuSE 9.0 box and I am having a fun time getting it to take a monitor.

    I have two monitors, both AST; one being an AST SVGA-NI and an ASTVision 5N. I have refresh rates from STFW and found a useless(looking) tutorial to change settings to get things back to normal. here's the address:

    I stupidly, mistakenly changed the monitor driver in SaX to an AST 5L, which obviously different settings, as all my monitor does now is sit and blink at me occasionally.

    Ran through the help instructions listed abouve with no effect. Being new to Linux, I have no better ideas, and am not familiar with the command line... I would appreciate any suggestions or comments you could provide. Thanks!


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    see if you can jump into a text only console by pressing (at the same time) Ctrl Alt F1 .

    If you are presented with a text logon, then you'll be able to run (after logging on as 'root') the XFree86 configuration util :-
    XFree86 -configure
    the screen will blank and, hopefully, come back, having created a file called /root/ . Now test this config file out by :-

    XFree86 -xf86config /root/
    If you get the raw X screen (grey cross hatched screen with an X as a mouse coursor) then you have a working config file that just needs copying to /etc/X11/XF86Config (use the "cp" command). But first cancel out of the raw X screen by Ctrl Alt BackSpace (not Del) and then do the copy. Then either reboot or type "startx" and with luck you'll have gdm or kdm to logon with.

    have fun


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    It Worked Perfectly!

    Hey, thanks a lot for the help! The support community for Linux is LOADS better than the Redmondsoft Micro-weenies. And thanks for not just blowing me off as yet another lost and confused newbie!

    Thanks again,


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    haha, thats the nature of linux my friend.
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