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    Which FTP service should I use?

    I want to put up a FTP server for people inside and outside of my company to be able to access from both the Internet and our intranet. Problem is, there's a lot of choices and I'm not sure which one to choose. My requirements are that the FTP service be secure, reliable, have a lot of good supporting documentation, and free.

    Here are the ones I have done a little reading up on:


    Personally, I like what I am reading about pure-ftpd as it states what kind of encryption it does and has a lot of data on the website.

    Ideally, I would like it to also have auditing built into it so I can track who is doing what on the server. I understand this probably isn't built in and requires a separate download, but if anyone has suggestions on that as well I would appreciate it.


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    I have pure-ftpd on all of my servers, linked through a mysql database for virtual users/bandwidth management/disk quotas. I just find it easy to use, and I've heard of proftpd being slow to log into at times. Although I think proftpd has slightly better/more logging than pure-ftpd, which unfortunately means it uses more RAM. I haven't had much to do with vsftpd other than a bit of a play with it a year or so ago so can't really comment there.

    I'd probably suggest to try them all on some spare boxen if you can, pure-ftpd is just my personal choice.

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    reply for which FTP service i use

    hi u can use smtp for sending mail and pop3 for receving mail.
    but pls u check out properly.

    Rahul Gautam

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