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    Losing images and backups stored on a second hard drive...

    I have tried to use rsync and mirrordir to create images of my root partition to a second hard drive since I'm a newbie and can expect to hose things as I learn. However, occasionaly after reinstalling and mounting the partition on the second drive, the data will be gone. A df -h will show only 33mb on that partition with no directories or files.

    Is there an inherent problem with trying to save images to the local filesystem? Should images always be stored on CDs or remote filesystems? I hope that's not the case; there's no quicker way to recover from OS corruptions than a local hard drive clone.


    RedHat Fedore 2

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    no, of course you can store any file wherever you like.. try useing "cp" and "cron" to scedual and perform backups.

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    well you could statistically get a power surge then both drives would be gone, or some other catastrophe. what you do is all dependent on how valuable the data is to you.

    however, that is what i would do in your shoes.

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