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hi, I am thinking of migrating to Linux (Slowly, but steadly). I have a few questions to ask about Linux: I know Linux isn't Windows, so I have a bit ...
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    Newbie here...


    I am thinking of migrating to Linux (Slowly, but steadly). I have a few questions to ask about Linux:

    I know Linux isn't Windows, so I have a bit of learning to do, but I want to try something different. I have a Laptop PC (Dell XPS M1730) with 2x160GB hard drives, I have Windows Vista Home Premium installed on the First hard drive and absolutely NOTHING on the Second hard drive, Would I be a good candidate for Dual Booting Windows and Linux? (I'm not sure if you can Dual Boot from a second hard drive, I've only read about Partitioning a single Hard Drive).

    I am still undecided on which Linux Distro to go for. I am leaning towards Dreamlinux because it has a Mac feel to it, but It may not be as good as the Major Distro's (Ubuntu, SuSe, ect..). Could someone suggest a good Distro?
    (as I am a Newbie, I know absolutely nothing about the Different Linux versions).

    I am a Casual Gamer, and I like to play new games (like Crysis and Timeshift), but I also like to play the oldies too (Half-Life 1, ect...).I play games on Vista, but I feel like Linux would take more advantage of my video card than Vista would (Nvidia GeForce Go 8700GTX SLI-Enabled). There is a program I'd like to use, called Cedega, Because Wine looks a bit complex and scary (Cause I might stuff it up).

    Anyway, I would appreciate any help and I look foward to using Linux

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    Wow - lots of open questions here. =)

    First thing to know is that there is no "best Linux distro." Some people have preferences, but the answer will be whatever works best for you.

    To get you started, you can read through the *large* list of Linux distro's at DistroWatch. And those are just the "major" ones.

    To get motivated, take a look at the incredible desktops you can enable with Linux.

    Yes, you can dual boot with your setup. You can install Linux to the second drive and install a Linux bootloader such as LILO or GRUB to the MBR of the first drive. Linux bootloaders are very good at "playing nice" with other OS's. The bootloader installation should add an entry for Windows. As always (and *especially* if you are learning), have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

    As for the best game support, Windows is still the way to go. I still keep a Windows install around to guarantee I can play the latest games.


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    Welcome to the forums!

    Take a look at the link in my signature for lots of good information on getting started with Linux, and don't hesitate to start new threads should you have other questions.

    Have fun, and enjoy the Linux experience!

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    Some good advice provided by previous posts. As well as backing up your user data before you start installing I suggest you burn an additional 3CDs (particularly if you only have one machine!). The CDs I suggest you get are:-
    1. SuperGrub - this should let you fix boot problems - or at least get an OS to run.
    2. System recovery CD (either RIP or SystemRescue) - these give you a second chance at recovering data if you accidently delete partitions!
    3. GParted or PartedMagic - this makes creating partitions easy.
    You should be able to find links to all the above from the downloads section of this website.
    Check your system will run each CD before you start the install.

    Pick one of the major distros to start with - you will find plenty of online help if you need it & try a few of the live CDs to see what suits you best.

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