Hi everyone. Hope someone can give me some advice with an issue I'm having at work.

I've got a client that is sending me massive amounts of data, in a very deep and nested folder structure. The problem is that they are taking a long and deep file paths, zipping them up, then placing those zips at the end of *another* long and deep file path, and repeating. So for example:

200 character path length --> zip file [containing 200 character path length --> zip file {again containing 200 character path length}]

In the above example, that is a 600 character file path length, which obviously is not possible on a Windows NTFS file system (which has a limitation of 256 characters).

My idea is to install a Linux emulator on my machine, and use the Linux version of WinRar to help me unzip the entire structure to a local drive, and do whatever truncations/deletions inside of the Linux emulator.

My question is: Do you think that this is the best solution for my problem? Have you got any other ideas on how I can fix the issue? If the Linux emulator idea is the way to go, which emulator should I use? Has anyone had any experience with Linux + WinRar?

Thanks very much in advance for the help!

- Jeff