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Thread: Terminal Help

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    Terminal Help

    Hey, I'm helping a friend make a .sh file for his little java program, and this is what it is:

    java -classpath ./:./jars/tools.jar:./jars/nexus.jar
    chmod a+x
    Now, I KNOW theres a problem here:
    I guess the syntax is wrong or something?

    Thanks for all of you're suggestions/help!

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    I don't see what the problem is. If you told us what the problem your having is, that would be helpful. I have a few guesses at what your problem is.

    SH: Operation not Permitted
    If your seeing something like this, you might need to replace './' with 'bash '.
    aka: "$ bash jars/nexus.jar

    Now, I don't know the java syntax, but it looks a bit like python syntax.
    If that's true, then you might replace
    java -classpath ./:./jars/tools.jar:./jars/nexus.jar
    java -classpath jars/tools.jar jars/nexus.jar
    Again, please post your problem.

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