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    Thanks Casper. Will htop tell me at what times, these processes were active? That way, I could know what time I was booting up, and look into the log(if it has one) and see what was going on during bootup. And I haven't checked the display rates. I may do that, but I just don't think it is a display issue.

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    In most cases, X Server causes freezing and X Server's performance depends on Refresh rates too.
    You can check the output of dmesg|less command for boot up errors.
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    Ok I see what you are saying. I am sure you know more about it than I do. lol so I'll look into the refresh rate thing. I didn't know that really had a bearing on the software loading. But I guess I see how that is possible now: the refresh rate is set by the software, and if there is a driver or hardware conflict there can be a problem.
    But the issue seems to have subsided for now, fortunately. But I will try some of the things you suggested.

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    Hey I need some serious help dude. Ubuntu is getting much much worse at booting. It is lagging on the load screen, lagging on the screen I mentioned originally, and even after boot the OS is functioning more slowly(although not so much with this boot. at first it did run slowly after boot, but it kicked in to gear thankfully) I am trying the refresh rate thing as we speak. I am not familiar really with the command line, so if I need anything to do with that, I will need a walkthrough.
    Okay so anyway, I dl'd the manual and I found that the refresh rate for my resolution (1024x76 is 75 Hz. I went to system>preferences>screen resolution to find out my resolution(which I already pretty much suspected was 1024x76. But it also told me my refresh rate was set at 50 Hz. So, obviously that is not the correct setting right now. So I am about to set the refresh rate to 75 Hz and we'll see what that does. I won't reboot for a while because there are some things I need to do first while my system is stable and I don't want to risk losing the functionality I have right now(functionality I don't think I would get from my windows partition either lol). I couldn't find anything for horizontal or vertical rates like you asked me earlier, so I will need a command line walkthrough if I have to change that.
    Thanks Casper.

    PS: just tried to change the refresh rate and it will only let me go as high as 54 Hz. that sucks.
    Also, the there should be an "8" after 1024x76 instead of a smiley face. Don't know why the forum put a smiley there lol.
    Also, anyone else that has any suggestions or anything, please chime in on this too.

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