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    shutdown command help

    i need help doing the three differnet types of shutdowns. i read a few different webpages but the shutdown never actually does what the page said it would do. here's what i'm trying to accomplish.

    shutdown command to be sent in 17 minutes telling everyone logged in you will be 1) checking the UPS 2) shutting system down completely, and 3) letting everyone know the system will be back on-line within 15 minutes

    shutdown command to be sent in 8 minutes telling everyone logged in you will be 1) Verifying the system RAID ararry, 2) Skip fsck on reboot, and 3) immediately rebooting.

    shutdown command to be sent immediately telling everyone logged in that 1) There wasn't a need to shutdown because maintenance was already performed and 2) the shutdown is canceled

    any help would be great. thanks

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    If you run them as root, the following commands should work:
    shutdown -h -t 1020 "Hey losers, I'm checkin' the UPS, so finish your loser activities.  After you get booted, you can get back to being such stupid losers in 15."
    shutdown -r -t 480 -f "vErIfYiNg ThE sYStEm RaId ArArRy, but I bet you don't even know what that means, llama."
    shutdown -k now "Oops, heh heh, just messin' with you.  Forget I ever said that."
    Let us know if these don't work.
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    Maybe you should take a look at the “net send” command. You can direct a message to either a workgroup or a server (name or ip address) and send a message to anybody logged on. Do either a google search for it, or just the use the man pages on your system to see how it works.
    As a note: Windows also has this command, so if doing a google search make sure to do something like "net send command for Linux" to get some relevant results.

    After you send the message with “net send” then use the shutdown command to reboot the machine as desired.

    Just an FYI: I do believe that it is a part of Samba, so if you don't have that installed, you might need to install it or keep on looking for different options.

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