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    No Internet Distro Selection - minimal mysql & perl

    I hate to ask but im not sure were to turn.

    I recently came across a project that will emulate a server for a certain game i won't mention, since i have no internet at the moment (yes i know what your thinking, im not at home though), and this game i would like to be able to play at home. You can set it up in windows with a few clicks but i usually try the linux route if avaliable just because its really neat when it does work. ok enough bs,

    I'm looking for a minimal distro that comes with the following,

    Taken from the guide, fedora yum package manager

    yum install gcc gcc-c++ perl-IO-stringy mysql-devel mysqlclient10-devel vim-enhanced mysql-server

    as i said i don't have internet at home so installing it there and using a package manager to get packages over the net obviously won't work so i'm just looking for something that comes with all this in a stable, non-bloated distro. I am currently downloading slackware 12, just the first cd, i assume it will have all that i need but im looking for suggestions for some distro that is tailored for what i am looking for. I'm not a complete newb with linux, been messing with it for a couple years on and off and i love the way it makes you get your hands dirty (most of the time) so i would really like to make this work.

    any feedback is appriciated, thanks!

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    I think only Fedora and a few distros based on Fedora will come with yum already included. It's not recommended to use yum on a distro that's not based on Fedora.

    I know that Slackware doesn't come with yum and it wouldn't be wise to try putting it on there.

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    Sorry, maby i should have been more clear, i only pasted the yum line up there just to state what i would need in the system, i don't need yum. It would do me no good without internet lol..

    on a side note i'm just going to bring my "server" here where there is internet and get it setup so it should be easy going from here, if only i didnt run out of cd-r's and lost my x-over patch cable

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