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    Ok, I have an old computer that has Windows 2000. I want to put Linux on it since Window 2000 doesn't run well on it. I was wondering what version I should download, and also where I can download it from. Also, I don't have the specs. of the computer, since I bricked it and can't check. I just know that it's old, and originally came with Windows 98. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Check this poll that was taken regarding favorite distro for older hardware:

    You can also check the link in my signature for lots of good information on getting started with Linux.

    Don't hesitate to post new threads with any other questions.

    Have fun with Linux.

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    I installed xubuntu on my old dell laptop, the artical said it's written for older machines, I still havnt had time to get it onilne yet, busy with 2 other computers too. so maybe do a google search or search these forums for linux for older computers. good luck

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    Ok, I took a quiz thing, and it said I should use openSUSE. But when I try to install it onto my computer, it stops and says

    "Kernal panic- not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes..."

    I don't think this is going to work because the computer is too old. I have the specs. now, so hopefully someone can recommend which version to use.

    Intel (R) Celeron processor, 433 MHz.
    128 MB RAM.

    Thanks again.

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    With only 128 MB ram, Suse won't even install on that machine.
    You should check out antix, Zenwalk, vector or damnsmalllinux.
    All are good for older machinery.
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    I suggest puppy linux, feather linux, or damn small linux in term of Live-CD. I also suggest you partition the computer, keep windows 2000, and put Debian or Xubuntu on a second partition.

    Don't let anyone fool you: Windows is a very, very useful thing to keep around for specific types of hardware. If you can find a way to keep Windows on a computer, then do so.

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    You have to decide yourself. Check the link posted by ozar. If you have any other question, Feel free to start a new thread.
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