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Thread: Linux and AMD

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    'best' distro is a tough one to pull, obviously everyone has different opionions, its all a matter of choice, thats the beauty of linux. But hers the Kevin breakdown of your basic choices. There is the SUSE Mandrake, Fedora line, the very newbie friendly simple install gorup, of those, personaly i would recommend mandrak, and ive had my best experiances with that. Then there are the three power user varieties, debian, gentoo, slackware (althouhgt slackware is more of a bridge than the other 2, it is certainly on a differnt level than the first three) Finaly, there are the specialties, all sorts, xbox linux, media linux. yoper.
    Personal opinion is look at Gentoo, its the (from my experiance) most powerful and has a wonderful tool called portage, or the 'emerge' command, install any program, from source, with a single commnad line, and its a simple one too. For example, the base system
    emrerge system
    takes a while, but is rewarding.
    in the end its your own choice, look at, one of the best resources in distro choices, and read the forums, see what kind of users use what, and what problems they have.
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    nobody likes redhat.. i dont blame them.. i dont either.. gentoo is best ;)

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    i say since knoppix works for you why dont you just install knoppix. the live cd has an installer built into it so you can install it to your harddrive. i think for you this would be the best option since you already know it works give it a try and see what happens
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