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    Looking for a "Public Computer" Live CD Distro

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to convince our IT department (I'm Support Level 3) to use a
    Linux Live CD (Sans Harddrive) on some of our "Public Computers". These computers are used by residents of aparment communities or gated communities and are regularly fubared by the residents.

    Therefore I want to use a Live Linux CD as they can't mess it up as there is no harddrive and if they do mess it up then we just reboot.

    Unfortunately I'm find it hard to find the perfect distro.

    I really only require a few things.

    EASY Somewhat seemless login
    Firefox WITH FLASH!
    Open Office.
    PDF Reader
    Maybe a chat program like Pidgin

    Anyway I've tried the following:

    Sabayon 3.4 DVD: Great except for a bit slow and the Boot Up has a few too many option screens.

    Sabayon 3.3b CD: No Open Office

    Knoppix 5.1 CD: Awesome but no Flash!

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll just end by saying that my end users are not that smart and so I need a simple yet functional live CD.

    I was thinking of compiling my own linux and calling is Simplinux: Linux for Simple Minded Users

    thanks much!

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    Have you looked at Linux Mint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daark.child View Post
    Have you looked at Linux Mint?
    I will now thanks!

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    The local library uses Windows with a program to prevent user meddling. The name is deepfreeze or something like that.

    I'm no MS advocate, just wondering if you are already running this type of thing.
    WARNING: I may be telling you more than I know !

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