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    SAMBA and Shared Folder between Linux and Vista.

    Hello, I'm a newby, in linux.
    My problem is that I want to share a folder in Linux ansd make it writable from windows (vista home premium).

    The folder in particular is : /var/www
    yes the apache docuemt root.

    Is a home network, and I want to remotely copy and install web applications, from my vista box.

    I allready share the folder with samba and I can see and browse the folder, but when I try to create a file the system tell me that I have access dennied.

    This is what I did:
    >create a user in Linux. (adduser...)
    >create a user in samba (smbpasswd -L -a ...)
    >restart samba
    > in windows go to \\linux\wwwroot
    i see the folder and the contente but I can't create anthing

    My linux is a Knoppix installed to the hard drive.
    I think that is debian based.
    the samba version is: Samba version 3.0.5-Debian

    this is part of the smb.conf
    # Do something sensible when Samba crashes: mail the admin a backtrace
       panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d
       printing = cups
       printcap name = cups
       load printers = yes
       guest account = nobody
       invalid users = root
    ; "security = user" is always a good idea. This will require a Unix account
    ;       in this server for every user accessing the server.
       security = user
    ; Change this for the workgroup your Samba server will part of
       workgroup = WORKGROUP
       server string = %h server (Samba %v)
            comment = Root del WebServer
            path    = /var/www
            browseable      = yes
            guest ok        = yes
            write list      = root nmachado nico
            force user      = www-data
            force group     = www-data
    And the permition sets are:
    root@linux:~# ls -l /var
    total 56
    drwxrwxr-x   3 root     root     4096 2003-10-03 19:37 www

    I don't know where the problem is :
    I have to change owner of www ?
    where I have to change to let the user in write list to write to the folder ?

    Best Regards

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    Linux Guru coopstah13's Avatar
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    you have the folder permission at 775 which is owner,group write permitted, not user, either chown to a different user group, owner, both, or chmod 777

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    Thanks coopstah13, but what must I do If I want to be able to write with the user I map the drive in windows ?
    I created a user called "nico" in linux and samba.

    I mean without giving writing access to the "user permision".

    Do I have to add the user in the group "root" ?
    How do I do that, with a terminal .

    Best Regards and Happy new year.

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