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    Installing WMP54G wireless card on slack 10 for noober :)

    Ok, yes, I admit it, I am a noob straight from windows (the final straw was when I found out that the saudi royal family owns lots of windows stock, courtesy of Michael Moores' book which I highly recommend). I am getting Slackware 10, im almost downloading the last disc, but I need to know how to install the Linksys wmp54g wireless LAN card.

    I read a search and read lots of pages, but they completely confused me . Im only 13 and I know how to use DOS and stuff like that, but on linux im clueless (I used a bit of redhat before at a friends house). Could someone please either give me a link to where I can get a windows dweeb-friendly tutorial, or decipher one of the other pages.

    Sorry for my ignorance, but, what can I say, I did my best lol

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    o yea, where to find the driver too

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    I would look at linksys' website and see if they support linux, if not, then you can download a 3rd party driver, but some manufacuters support linux(d-link i believe). if they supply a driver, they should have a relativly user friendly readme, but if that is not the case let us know, i will look for drivers in linux, but i am at work right now and might not be able to spend time on a search untill 2night (east coast time, us)
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    AFAIK there are 2 options for your card.

    Use the ndiswrapper project at sourceforge

    Or use a commercial solution from linuxant.
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