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    Choosing a way to use Linux.

    Okay, so I've set up my system dual-boot, Windows XP and Ubuntu, with about 10 GB worth of FAT32 partition to share files with. I've had it this way for a few months now.

    So, I'm getting frustrated. Don't get me wrong, Linux is nice. My only problem with it is that I can't do the same stuff I can as on Linux - e.g. print correctly, scan correctly, and use half of the programs I want to. I know all about open source solutions, but understandably I'd like to play some of my games running flawlessly now and again. Problem is, booting into Windows is a hassle. It takes a long time, and I get into Windows and all my old stuff is there - some of it duplicates of the linux compatible stuff I have.

    So, I'd like to ask the more experienced Linux community, what's my best option here?

    A. Keep it the way it is and live.
    B. Run Linux inside Windows, using a virtual machine
    C. Run Windows inside of Linux, using a virtual machine (still a little hesitant there)
    D. Use cgywin
    E. Keep the dual boot style, and use a virtual machine under linux or windows

    Thanks for you time!

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    Just my opinion, of course...

    I think Windows apps should be run on Windows, and Linux apps on Linux. I'm not a virtual machine kind of guy, so that's out. I've never tried cgywin, so can't speak on it.

    That leaves dual-booting, although it can be a hassle at times.

    When possible, Linux apps on Linux and do away with Windows altogether would be the best option.

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    Well, if you can't do without Windows, keep Windows. I agree with Ozar. You know, it is possible to run two OS's simultaneously through a virtual box, but it consumes a lot of resources. And you probably want those resources for your gaming.

    If I was more of a gamer, I would have build a lean WinXP install in a dual boot configuration. I don't know if it is your style though, but a fresh install of XP-SP2 is pretty fast. I'd disable everything not needed for gaming (which may include Internet access).

    And I'd get the rest working under Linux. So my machine would have WinXP for gaming and Linux for everything else (and gaming, because there are some cool looking Linux games). I must confess though that I had to buy a new printer/scanner in order to be able to do everything under Linux. These days I would probably have gotten the old printer/scanner to work... at least the printer part, but back then I wasn't able to.

    If you must have Internet access under Windows, keep your shares between Windows and Linux to a minimum. That way, Windows threats don't have access to your user files.

    And you need to find Linux apps that replace the Windows apps you are used to. You can find a good link for that in Ozar's sig.
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