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    Problem Installing Linux SuSe 9.1


    About 2 days ago, I'd heard some amazing things about SuSe, so bought a copy on ebay in DVD form.

    Earlier on today, it came in the post, I opened up the CD in Internet Explorer and read all the documentation (yeah.. Phew...)

    So, after reading the installation instructions, I rebooted my Windows XP laptop, expecting to get an option to boot off the cd, no option.

    Okay, I thought, so had another look at the installation readme file to find out if there's another way, yay, there is, a floppy disk, what's the problem? I don't have a floppy drive.

    Can anyone help me with getting the SuSe CD to boot?


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    reboot your computer, and when it says press (randome key here, for me its f2, but varies by manufactuaer) for setup options, do that. This will open up your Bios settings, look for a menu that realates to startup/boot. Make sure that a boot from cd option is activated, or place the cd drive above your hardrive on the bootorder, then save your changes and exit, that should work.
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    go to bios and change the boot sequence to look like somethin like this:cdrom/DVD -1st boot device ,hdd -2nd boot device.then boot after putting the suse cd in the tray and that's it!
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    Yay, I got it to work, or maybe not.. Linux has completely messed up my Laptop, after installing SuSe, it was working perfectly, but completely corrupted the Windows partition, so I put in the windows recovery disk and what happens...? Nothing.. It loads the disk, gets to the recovery section and bam, exits. So, I thought, the windows disk can't be ran with linux installed so attempted to format it, I did this by running install, under expert, deleting all partitions then aborting the install... This completely corrupted the linux installation and windows installation, and now I get nothing...

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