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    new g card how to install drivers?

    Hey Ya. My graphics card was fuuKed so i send it back to gainward, when i installed fedora linux i was using an 7yr old nvidia card. Now I have my new GeForce 5700 and the screen is all fuzzy, its very hard to make out.

    So can anyone explain how i can login to a command line and run the install program from nvidia [bear in mind, I cant make out the gui so I cannot change any files under the gui!]

    chas, michael

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    use alt+ctrl+f1.if this doesn't work when the boot loader starts (grub /lilo) at boot option type init 3..for the installation see this:
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    no worries commandline is the way to go for administrative functions reguardless. open up xterm or anything with the word terminal in it. in most graphical enviroments you can right click on the desktop, select run and type xterm. reguardless, once you are in one, login as su (assuming you already have the drivers)
    *root password*
    then enter runlevel 3
    inti 3
    then navigate to the directory with the drivers using teh cd command.
     cd /usr/qub333/home/nvideocrud
    then just type
     ./ <nameofdriver>
    reboot and thats about it, you may have to configure your xserver conf file, hopefuly someone else can post how to do that as I never have. But reboot, and if you see a nvida logo, then your in good shape!
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    ok, so i press alt+ctrl+f1 when the gui asks me to login. i login under the command line.

    now, i have no way of putting the nvidia file on the linux partition cause its not formatted in fat/ntfs. so i have it on other fat partitions and cd. but i cant get to the other partitions or the cd drives.

    well, if i go to mnt/cdrom, linux does not check the drive
    if i go to mnt/floppy linux does not check the floppy drive

    what am i missing here? how do i get it to access my other partitions and the cd drive?

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