Hi Sir and Linux guru's out there;

I really need help to setup Linux as radius server also to replicate the users id and pass to another linux server if ones goes down.

Currently we have 1 Win2k server(radius server) without ActiveDirectory since its expensive hving(CALS)..as radius server to server more then 1000users. the clients(outsiders) usually will dail using cisco vpn dialer to get connected to our company Win2k Radius server to do their work.

Since we dont have active directory which cost aloot, so we unable replicate users Id to backup server or do fail safe.
We planned to do this using linux to act as Radius Server and also replicate the accounts and Id's to another server. We want it to work exactly as AD if possible. When 1 server goes down ...another could handle the authentication of users.

Any1 Please tell me hw to do tis ...since im really new to Linux. Plase do tell me the steps and what i need to do. I really appreciate if any1 could help me.

Thanks aloot.