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    video color issues

    im using xine and when i open an avi movie i cant see the correct colors and i have installed the nvidia drivers can anyone help plz

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    Had it happen to me once. Swapped between libdvdcss and libdvdcss2. Can't remember which way though.
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    So basically, if you type (as root)
    ldconfig -v | grep dvd
    you should see something about either libdvdcss or libdvdcss2. Whichever one you don't have, find an RPM for it on Google (or use yum, or urpmi, etc.) and install that one instead.

    Good luck!
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    nope didnt help

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    Mandrake and most other distros do not include libdvdcss due to patent/copyright concerns. It wouldn't be the problem anyway since your having a codec problem and libdvdcss is a decryption method for playing commercial DVD's.
    Go to and follow the directions to add PLF(Penguin Liberation Front) and contrib to your urpmi sources.
    Once you've completed that task, you now have access to over 5GB of additional software. Open RPMDrake(I explained this in the other post).
    In the search box, enter libdvdcss and select the results for installation. You won't need a cd for this as it's done via ftp. This will enable you to play commercial DVD's if you have a DVD-ROM.
    Next, search for xine. Install all packages from PLF(will contain plf in the package name), except for xinetd(that's a different part of the system and something a n00b shouldn't mess with), and install those packages. It may tell you it needs packages in addition to those you listed and list those packages. Click OK in that dialogue and install. If it tells you you can't install this package because it conflicts with that package, click OK and move on. The system knows what it needs.
    Next, do the same for mplayer. This may call for some software on the CD. Just give it the cd it requests.
    You will have Xine, MPlayer and a ton of codecs at your disposal and it should solve your color difficulty.
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