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    Glad to see you got the drive working ... looks like it was an ownership problem in the end. The UUID thing in fstab is just another way of identifying the device rather than device name which gives /dev/sda etc.

    I don't think you will be able to setup a root user account - and doing so is not a great idea. Stick with sudo when you need root access. That way most of the time you have normal user access & can't wreck the system.

    If you use sudo fdisk -l then you should be able to tell which drive is which, and partitions on each drive.

    If you decide to do a re-install then just make sure all the drives are on the system at the time, the fstab entries will be automatically created for you. The only issue you may have is ownership - but chown will cure that for you. The other thing you can do is format the drive during the install process - if its empty anyway then you should not have to play with any setting at all. Just make sure you pick the right drives & partitions to format so you don't wipe any data you want to keep.

    For future reference - if you type man a_command eg man fdisk then you usually get a help page which explains the command and its output. If your interested in learning a bit more about commands then try this link - Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
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    what the hell is going on..

    so i reinstalled ( i wanted to anyways to resort my extended partition and my home n stuff)
    so now i have...
    sda1 ntfs windows xp
    sda2 extended partition
    --sda5 filesystem 15GB
    --sda6 home 15GB
    --sda7 swap (only 1 gb cause i noticed i never use it) 1GB
    --sda8 space i left to try other distros 20GB
    sda3 space to keep files like vids n music n such.. 198GB

    no mater how much i chown, or how i try (im just trying all kinds of crap like i did last time..) i still cant get them to allow write.. to be honest i dont remember how i got my other drive to work, i just kept ****ing with the code till it randomly worked.. but now it wont even let me unmount the drives.. is it because they are on the same HDD, but it did let me unmount them..

    something funny tho, it wont let me rightclick unmount the drive.. but i can unmount it throu the partition editor.. but once i unmounted them.. they completely disappeared
    this comes from trying to make all of those partitions when i reinstalled..

    since the partitions are already made im gonna try to reinstall again but this time ill just reformat the / and /home partitions and leave the other two..

    this is just getting ridiculous...

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