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    which distro to use??

    sorry if this is the zillionth thread u must be replying... but i really need some good advice...
    i want to use a distro ... i'll be mainly using it for programming (on various languages like PHP, C++ and lately Java) ...

    here are my requirements:
    A pretty recent but stable kernel
    A fairly up-to-date integrated LAMP (:OK: u can skip the L) server for localjost testing
    A FTP server would also be a bonus
    OpenOffice 2+
    wxDevCpp (if there's any port to *nix systems... i don't know about it maybe somebody can help) Very Slim chance it would be in-built but I hope the installation doesn't phreak me out.
    Firefox, Thunderbird and a good download manager
    Installation of new apps should be fairly easy for a n00b like me

    It would be nice if there's some UI eye-candy too...

    BTW I've used Puppy Linux... it's a nice little thing and found a temporary replacement at a relatives PC till his Windows was virus-free.

    But I now want to use a more complete and extensible OS offering good features... I don't know why so many years of my life i was stuck onto that not so h4x0r-friendly doze OS... but recently I was frustated when many good libraries (and super-dooper IDEs like Anjuta etc) were out of reach as I could not compile them for use in my projects thanks to this propriety bloatOS

    Basically I need the Linux OS for my development work (but I am used to the GUI aspect more but I'd learn to adapt) ... It'd be great if the OS has pretty good multimedia collection and a good set of multimedia tools for encoding and editing but that's not the point...

    yes and i've read that sticky i don't remember which where the guy was talking of convergent evolution between linux and windows and the lego thing as well...

    i hope i can come out of this confusion... and then after a decision is reached i'll download the ISO off the college comp...

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    Linux Engineer RobinVossen's Avatar
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    All Linux is good for Development.
    Id say gentoo.
    But I think you are not Ready for that.
    So Sabayon
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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    what about Ubuntu and Fedora... heard that they are user-friendly... if all Linux are good for dev then eye-candy would be good ... but it would be best if most things required for me would be pre-installed

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    Linux Engineer RobinVossen's Avatar
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    Fedora and Ubuntu arnt my friends.

    Fedora doesnt use the init system I like.
    And Ubuntu is just well "debian" and well I dont want that.

    Sabanyon is great since for you since its Gentoo based.
    And its bloated (lots of software Including Beryl)
    Since its based on Gentoo and that is Source Based Distro you will have all the Librarys you'll need.

    I hope that did explain my pick
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinVossen View Post
    Fedora and Ubuntu arnt my friends.
    why ?? cause u don't use them? that's why?

    can i get a list of all apps that come with the Sabayon project?

    btw i don't want a bloated(ok,ok u can call it loaded) OS but something with a easier to use and not-so-confusing installation system

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