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Thread: LISa problems

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    LISa problems


    I'm totally new to SUSE Linux.

    I'm looking to use LISa. I've already been following a guide( ) which suggests I install:

    kdenetwork3-lisa, kdenetwork3-lan, kdebase3-samba, samba-client, and samba.

    These are all installed. It then points out that to start the service I type 'rclisa start' from the root shell. The problem I have is that when I try and do this, I get

    bash: rclisa: command not found.

    Am I missing something thats not in the tutorial?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Try running
    locate rclisa
    This will tell you where rclisa is (probably /sbin/rclisa or something), and then you can type the whole path to the executable when you want to start it. This may mean you're supposed to run this command as root, since by default root's shell looks in /sbin for commands and regular users' don't.

    But, if you need to run it as a regular user, you'll want to make that user's shell automatically look in /sbin/ for commands, which I can explain to you if you need.
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    I'm probably doing something completly stupid.

    When typing 'locate rclisa' in Konsole, it gives the same error for locate!!

    bash: locate: command not found.

    I'm going to be getting myself a book on the basics of Linux...Think I need it.

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    are you root? if not
    if you are,
    and try again!
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    Thanks, that did it!

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