I installed Vmware for linux, installed winXP and also installed ms visual studio.net in XP under vmware. I closed vmware and when i re-opened it, there was no virtual machine found??

I checked for the dirs it created in the home directory and they dont exist!!! So i made a new virtual machine and re-installed XP.

The problem is that im pretty sure the old VM is still somewhere on my pc as my free HD space is down to 6 gig. I have only redhat 9 'full install 4.9gig' and the new xp in vm ware installed so far on the box and i only have 6gig of hd space free. I gave 4 gig to vmware for XP, so there is still another 4gig unaccounted for but i can't find the old vm to delete? Anyone know where it creates the partition or what folders it would be hidden in?