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Thread: Freenx Help

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    Freenx Help

    I just built my first linux box using CentOS dual boot to windows. I am up and running and things are working pretty well. I would like to be able connect remotely.

    I have tried to get Freenx working and I keep getting this error. I am totally frustrated.

    NX> 203 NXSSH running with pid: 5984
    NX> 285 Enabling check on switch command
    NX> 285 Enabling skip of SSH config files
    NX> 285 Setting the preferred NX options
    ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

    Things I have tried to fix it.

    I am trying to connect from a Vista laptop connected wirelessly through my router. I have added a rule to allow port 22 traffic to the router.

    I have checked to make sure my linux box is listening on port 22.

    I have tried changing the nx user manually through the command line.

    I have copied the nx ssh key from linux to Vista and imported it into the "Nomachine" client.

    Help :drown:

    Edit: for whatever it's worth I connected the 2 pc's with a crossover cable to eliminate the router as the issue. still no luck.

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    I gave up and uninstalled and then installed everyting from "nomachine".

    Now when I try and execute a command such as start and I get an error.

    NX> 500 Error: Function -start not implemented yet.


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    Well now I am back to where I started - gettng the original error as reported in my first post.

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