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    Linux Curious - Never Touched - Looking For Right Combination

    Have never installed Linux
    Looking to run OsCommerse on a dedicated Linux system.
    At this point I would like to focus on getting the OS installed.

    I've found details on how to do this but would like to query the community for best selection.

    Quicky History:
    20 + years software/hardware experience
    Started with apple IIe - ha ha ha - wow!
    Have been using M.S. (sounds like --> "Micra Soff"), for ever....

    Got to this point via a disapointing affair with DNN (sounds like -->"Dot Net Nuke"), to find that the store front module is NOT very well supported by the community.

    The current store module is e.x.p.l.a.t.i.v.e (sounds kinda like -->"trap"), which is very disappointing, because the rest of DNN is accually pretty cool.

    So now, I'm looking for a different/new open source solution.

    I have this older Dell server - dual 600mhz - 256k ram - 9Gig HD, that I would like to use as a dedicated Linux web server running OsCommerse with MySQL.

    The server has a cd drive only
    The Hard Drive is small

    I have the ability to download and burn dvd or cd images on my other computers via a DSL connection.

    Which OS distribution should I choose, with respect to server hardware and application compatability? Fedora mabe?

    If I download a DVD version, can I then create and burn a CD version to boot and install on my server? Or, do I need to download a cd version only?

    Any other info will also be much appricated..



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    arch linux
    Welcome to the forums, steve!

    Check the link in my signature for lots of good information about getting started with Linux. You can also look at this poll for favorite server distro to see what others like. Just from the description of your hardware, the Debian server might be a good option.

    Hope you have fun and lots of success using Linux...

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    Thanks for the info OZ!
    Debian installed on first try.
    Was also able to select Apache2 and SQL while installing the OS.
    Now looking for a GUI to admin web server.


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