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    simple name server setup

    I have:
    - Mandrake 8.2
    - Apache, PHP, MySQL, and a php website
    - a static IP number
    - a domain name

    I need:
    - a name serving/resolving thingy ??? situation ???

    I want to host/serve/etc... my own.

    My ISP won't do the name serving/resolving for me unless $$$,
    so, I'd like to do it myself.
    All I know is that Linux can. But how ???
    I have Bind 9.

    I spent some time at LDP, but couldn't find anything that seemed to apply to me.
    I need the simplest of setup. One domain name, one IP number. That's it!
    Just want to host/serve my own site.

    I'm winging all this most precariously, so very simple and easy to understand instructions would be most apreciated.

    Thank you.

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    What exactly do you mean that you want to do? Do you want to serve subdomains? (ie. if you have, do you want to server like and

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    No. I just want to "name serve/name resolve" one site. Mine. Like "".

    And that's it. No sub-sites. No sub-domains. Just ""

    After a conversation with my ISP, it seems that my domain name has to be associated with a name server (two actually).

    I want to be THAT name server(s), and I understant that my Linux can do that.

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    Well is considered a subdomain but anyway, bind can do that. If you search there are about 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,002 howtos on writing domain.tld files for bind.

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    Yes. I spent a considerable amout of time at LDP before posting.

    This being the morning after the night before, I think I'm starting to understand why I couldn't find anything relevant to my situation in the HOWTOs; I have a dismal grasp of the domain name serving/resolving/whatever concept, and so I think I'm explaining my situation all wrong.

    I'll try again:

    I have a Linux box.
    I have an Apache server.
    I have a static IP number.
    I have a domain name.
    I have a website sitting in my /var/www/html/etc...
    I want to host/serve my own website to the world.

    When I go to my public library and enter my IP number in the computer, I get my website.
    If I put in my domain name, I get nothing; " could not be found... yadda... yadda... yadda..."

    What do I have to do to get my website when I put the domain name in the address bar, instead of my IP number ?

    Hope I'm making more sense this time.

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    I am not sure how you couldn't find anything at ldp but go to this link

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    (Please note: It is IP address, not IP number)

    Anyway, when do you get this error " could not found..."? Is it when you start the Apache server, is it a popup dialog from the browser, or is it what the webpage you get shows?
    How have you registered your domain name? Have you given the IP address to the registrar?
    Also, try "" instead of "".

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    Hi. Sorry about the late reply. I'm tackling a bunch of other related problems as well.

    Ok, when I chose to host/serve my own, I installed Apache, and created a website in /var/www/html/etc...
    I then did the necessary configurations in httpd.conf, and that was that.
    Apache could serve my site to me (at home) only.

    Then, after reading some documentation, It seemed to me that if I was going to host/serve my own, I would need an IP number (address). Maybe I was wrong! I still don't really know (understand) if I actually need to have my own IP number, but I got one anyways. As you can see, I'm not exactly a genius.

    So I contacted my ISP, and they sold me a static IP number (address).
    A that point, my Apache could serve my website to anyone in the world if they used my IP number (address).

    Now, I went after a domain name, and I got that. It's a basic, regular dotcom name. Not a sub-domain or anything unusual with a tilde and whatnot.

    Ok. Now back to my "name serving" issue. I'm stuck. I don't know what to do next so that people can access my site by way of my domain name instead of the IP number.
    Is this where my domain name has to be associated (?), resolved (?) to my IP number ?

    In my domain name control panel, there is a place where I can insert the two names of name servers.
    Right now, the name servers showing up in my domain name control panel are those of the people from whom I got my domain name. But, unless I host with them (which I won't, since I want to host my own), I don't think that their name servers are of any use to me.

    Is this where I have to set up my own name server?
    Would my ISP's name servers work if I was to put those in my domain name control panel ?

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    okay, what you are looking for is a server to tell everyone else that you are the authority for that domain. Here is what happens, it might clear things up. someone types in "". Their computer then contacts their DNS servers. Their DNS servers say "okay, we don't know about this domain, lets check to see who does". One of the Top Level Domain servers knows about it though. The TLD server says "yeah, it comes from Ask them for more info". The computer that is looking for that domain then asks network solutions (or whoever you bought your domain name through) name server. They then look in their database of domain->nameservers associations for more info. This will then direct itself to the name server that you gave to network solutions when you created the domain. This should be your IP address. And you should be running BIND (or some other DNS daemon) that listens on the IP address specified to network solutions. I hope this helps.
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    Thanks. It does help A LOT !

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