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    Looking for the best linux system for what I need.

    I have a few xtra computers, and im going to install a Linux os on a P3 550 mhz, with 256 megs of ram.

    Im looking for a Linux os that is the best for Apache web server with perl(latest), php(latest) and Mysql(latest). I run a Windows apache server but im getting tried of using it because it doesnt seem to work as well as the domains that i own. And i would like to start up my own Linux server using apache, so I can test sites from my lan, so i dont have to upload files to my domains any more.. NOw that you can see that i just want linux of webserver type things, i was hoping some of the more skilled people with linux could answer my questions..

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    Im looking for a Linux os that is the best for Apache web server with perl(latest), php(latest) and Mysql(latest).
    I don't know about best, pretty subjective, but if you use the latest version of suse, fedora, mandrake, slackware, etc......, then you shouldn't run into too many problems. If you need the latest version of an application, then all you have to do is download it. Check each distros main web page and it will tell what apps. and versions are installed.

    These should help in finding the info you are looking for:

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    2,396 is a great site to compare distros, but personal opinion would be look into gentoo, its light and fast, and will do the apache thing beutifuly. all you will need to do is
    emerge apache
    and viola! conveniant, the install is a little rought, but the handbook makes it simple.
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    I am goin to recommend you get as many distros and you can till you find one you like. I tried 8 before i decided my heart belongs to slackware but that is the best wayto go about it. Asking peoplel which distro is best you are goin to get everyone telling you which one they love and tell you to use it, so i recommend you go and test some other distros out and see which one you like. But since i love slackware i am goin to recommend you try it out
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