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    Confused in Linuxland

    I need help with picking a distribution for my needs, I'm a linux newbie

    1./ Wireless connectivity.
    2./ Native NTFS support.
    3./ CD/DVD Ripping/playback.
    4./ Xvid support if available.
    5./ Wine pre-installed so i can play Diablo 2 etc

    Tried Linspire 4.5, Fedora Core 2, Mandrake Linux 10.0 Community, Lorma Linux 5.0. I'm willing to try new distribs, I want to stay with Linux but im getting so damned frustrated

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    You might want to try SUSE. But I don't believe it comes with wine, but installing it isn't that hard.
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    umm, yeah go to and look around, linux is all about personal choice, not people telling you what you want (like M$) i would personaly recommend gentoo, but thats just me, the emerge feature will let you install anything with the simplest command emerge wine and DONE!. NTFS support is iffy, linux does have decent read support for it, but writing to an ntfs drive from linux is a bad idea, may i inquire why you need it? do not under any circumstance evene consider installing linux on an ntfs drive, reformat it into a decent filesystem such as ext reiserfs or xfs. eveything you have listed there is supported by programs, so all you have to do is install the correct program, you dont need to be overly concerned, try a few distros yourself, and see what you do and dont like.
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