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    Going to Collage..New Computer....Duel-Boot?

    Yeh so this is going to be my freshman year at collage and I'm either going to build myself a new computer or just buy one (haven’t decided yet). Anyway, I want to put a duel boot of Windows/Linux. Linux because of the stability (don’t need anything crashing while writing an essay) and Windows because I like to game. I am, as you guys say, a Windows Power User, I pretty much know the ins and outs of Windows, also sadly I am a Linux newbie. I have played around with Knoppix and some of the "newbie" friendly versions of Linux but nothing to risqué. I see this as a good time to get into some a little more "meatier" as it is more then likely that I will have some kind of job that deals with computers and having a Lunix on your resume doesn’t hurt . I would like your advice on what "distro" (right word?) would best suit my needs.

    Primarily I would be using the Lunix partition for:

    Word Processing (essays, spreadsheets, ect)
    Computer Science homework (coding)
    And other school related things.

    Window would be used for games, chatting, and so forth.


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    Well, you have what, a month before leaving for school? I'd suggest tonight you grab as many distros as you can get ahold of and install all of them and play with each a couple of days. It won't let you get intimate with any of them but it will give you time to decide which ones you want to get intimate with.
    I run Slackware and it'll do everything you're asking and tons more. But, then again, so will Mandrake, Fedora, SUSE, Arch and basically any other distro out there.
    What it really boils down to is that it's really all about you. You need to find your comfort place and nobody else can tell you where that is.
    For me it's Slackware. For someone else it may be Gentoo. Others it may be Debian. And on and on.
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    definetly. but as for your uses, you will find that most games have a native linux version and actulay run better in linux, i play nwn, and i have one version on my 3.02GHz p4 1gb ram xp machine, and one on my 1.8gHz 512ram linux machine. I actualy get better performace on the linux one... reguardless, linux will also support all your chat clients. As distros goes, I agree its much a personal choice (as all linux is) if you are a comp sci major or something of the like, ill bet you can handle something a little more powerful than the starter distros, give gentoo, debian, and slackware a try, they do have difficult installs, but if you are a power user in windows, you should be able to handle it with the help of a manual. as a learning experiance, try the gentoo isntall with the gentoo handbook ( if you get that working, then everything else is majorly downhill.
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    i am goin to second the idea of getting as many distros and you can till you find one you like. i tried 8 before i decided my heart belongs to slackware but that is the best wayto go about it and asking ppl which distro is best everyone is just goin to tell you which one they love and tell you to use it so i recommend you go and test some other distros out and see which one you like but since i love slackware i am goin to recommend you try it out
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    Hmm.... Most (if not all) distros will do what you require so whichever one you choose will have to depend on other criteria. I would personally recommend Slackware 10. Although it's the only distro I've tried I haven't had any major problems with it.

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