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    need help making my CDRW work

    for reasons too logn to explain here, this computer i admin for soemone has had windows **** up completely form viruses etc. and i need to back up all their documents onto cd from linux (since it doesn tget viruses it still works ). so i can reinstall windows. and copyign them to a dir on the linux partition is not feasable.

    So. i have put my IDE cd burner into their machine, and need to knwo how to make it burn stuff. I thin ktheir is some scsi thigns that have to b installed and im pretty sure they arent. (since i saw no need to install scsi interface stuff on a machine that would prob never touch it)

    i have installed xcdroast so once i get the driev detected it should be sweet, but "cdrecord -scanbus" (as per all the cdr howtos etc) returns a message about "No such file of directory, cannot open scsi driver"

    so what im after is how u install scsi support and how the ide-scsi adaptor thing works.

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    The ide-scsi driver creates virtual SCSI drives that can be used instead of the IDE interface. You'll need that since the CD burner software only works with SCSI.
    Providing that the modules are available, do this
    modprobe sg
    modprobe sr_mod
    That won't be enough, though. For the ide-scsi driver to work, the drive cannot have been claimed by the IDE CD driver (only one driver can be used for one drive). So you'll need to add "ide-scsi=hdd" to the kernel command line before boot (provided that you put the burner as hdd, or secondary slave).

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