Hi Friends,

I'm a newbie to Linux, just recently got my hands on it.
Problem is that these days i've been studying Linux at my institute and my teacher has assigned me to Install & Configure FreeS/WAN as VPN.
Time period that i've been given is extremely short.... two weeks or you can say only 12 days.
Although i even had very little knowledge of VPN in general but somehow i got over it, now know a little bit about VPN.

Now i've myself tried to get knowledge of FreeS/WAN. But nothing seems helping. People around me have little knowledge of VPNs on Linux, if available then its CIPE or OpenSSH.
Visited www.freeswan.org, but things are more complicated there than i anticipated & eventually i got more confused & frustrated.
Can someone answer my questions in a more easy way....??????

1- I have to install FreeS/WAN on a Red Hat 9.0 machine... So can someone tell me of the resource from where i can get RPMs of latest FreeS/WAN version for Red Hat 9.0.??? I don't know about any compilation thing on Linux, so RPM installation method would be preffered.

2- Guide me the exact hardware requirements (No. of PCs, No. of NICs on them etc and other hardware stuff) that are needed for this purpose????

3- Guide me to proper installation and configuration of FreeS/WAN???

4- Also tell me about some web resources or forums which may be helpful in this regard.

Anyone's prompt help will be highly appreciated.