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    Partitioning on the cheap

    I'm looking into purchasing a Dell pc, pre-loaded with Windoze XP. I'd like to (read: I'll die if I don't) put FC2 on half of the 80G harddrive, and wonder if there's a free way to partition the drive. I know that fdisk will partition a drive, but will destroy all data. Does this include the loaded operating system? Is it safe to partition in such a way that all data is lost (I won't have any personal data on the machine yet) and still be able to load the os (ie from recovery CD's)? Sorry, this is kind'a a newb question. I've read alot into partitioning, and can't see my way to purchasing Partition Magic for $60 when a 40G HDD is also $60 I also am in the unique position of not careing what happens to "data" on the drive; only the os!


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    It says it can't deal with NTFS. What do I do about the NTFS partition occupying the whole drive??

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    well if you just purchased it, there really isnt anything to lose..
    just delete the partition, and then make 3 partitions, (linux/swap/windows)
    then install windows, and after that linux

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    Mandrake's partitioning tools will resize ntfs without loss. Get a copy of mandrake 10, and run through the install as far as the partitioning tools. Do the partitioning and resizing, write to disk and then stop. Then install yer FC2.

    Be aware that any partitioning resizing etc will be at your own risk.
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