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    Which Linux should I get for home webserver.

    Hi all,
    I only installed Redhat Linux 9 once and that was a year ago. I'm growing back an interest with Linux again and from my previous experience, I know it can be overwhelming. But, I'm willing to learn so I created a project for myself. I have a spare older pc which I want to setup as a Linux box webserver for personal fun. I still have my free Redhat Linux 9 cd (came with the book I bought) but I found out that Redhat doesn't support it anymore. Is it already outdated? There are so many different versions and publishers of Linux, I found this rather confusing. Can someone explain to me and tell me which version I should get? Preferably the free ones. And will also be compatible with Apache and Sendmail. Thank you so much for being patient with me.

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    It depends on you .
    sugest you to test some live distros before installing any distro. some like knoppix ,or mandrakemove ,suse ....
    you can find much more information in

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    If you're going to be doing advanced stuff and you want lots of flexibility, you should probably get Debian, Slackware, or Gentoo. All are free. Slackware is the oldest and therefore the most stable in general, but you can compare them at and make your own decision.
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    Thanks for the reply. I will certainly check those sites out. I fount out that Fedora is actually the descendant of Redhat Linux. I'm going to do some more research. Thanks again you guys are great.

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    that fedora is, but you will find that the more powerful distros are the debian slackware gentoo. I found that slackware is the most user friendly, debian is a good middle man (and has a great package managment system, but is also a little off the beaten path in its dir tree) and gentoo is the most powerful. If you want a server that can offer excelent performace with little hardware, i would recommend gentoo. if you don't feel up to the install, that is cool too but, ive found it to be very stable once its running. (infact, ive only had gentoo for 60 some days, after the first week, still ftping and hhtping away!
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