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    Minor annoyance (modifying desktop icons)

    When I log in via KDE on my Mandrake 10 system, I see an icon for my CDROM on my desktop, and one for a "Dard Disc" (with a harddrive icon) for my usbdrive.

    How can I change the name/icon for this usbdrive? I can't seem to find where its defined/etc so as to edit it. When I right-click, and goto properties, it gives an odd name for the device, and has a tab for the permissions, but seemingly no method of changing displayed name/icon.

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    You can edit the actual symlink via a shell. Head to ~/Desktop/. That's where all the symlinks are stored, so you can just use a mv to change the name to it.
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    Thats what I thought too...

    Thats what I figured too. I went into ~/Desktop, and only see...
    .directory Home.desktop Trash/

    Then I thought, well, I am in KDE... so maybe its a KDE specific thing. I went into ~/.kde, and all I see is...
    Autostart/ socket-localhost@
    cache-localhost@ tmp-localhost@

    Finally, iI grepped ~ for some of the text that shows in the link on my desktop (the link name), and came up with nothing.

    How odd?! Any ideas?

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    Still unresolved/need help


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