OK, now that I've got a few months of Linux under my belt, I've been thinking that I have little reason to go back to Windows XP. Last night, I even thought I'd finally solved my last real application shortcoming when I latched onto GQview. It integrates with Gimp to provide about as nice a photo viewing/editing software package as Olympus Camedia which I used in Windows. I'd just about decided Linux was the perfect operating system until I tried to print out a photo on glossy photo paper.

The print-out really surprised me because the color shades were vastly different from those displayed on-screen. Under Windows the printed colors were reasonably close to the screen colors. Unfortunately, this appears not to be the case with the Gimp. I believe that I had the print driver installed correctly. I chose the highest resolution for my Epson Stylus 640, which I believe is a fairly common printer. I also selected Glossy Photo paper, but the image printed much darker and was somewhat red-shifted (but not from incandescent light).

I noticed that the Gimp allows the output to be custom configured to compensate for such things, but I don't really want to expend the tremendous amount of time (and photo paper) it will take to adjust the parameters.

I'm hoping that someone can offer advice on either
1) how I can efficiently make the adjustments myself, or,
2) point me to an automatic color correction routine.