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Thread: Why Linux?

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    Why Linux?

    Hi guys,

    Thank God for this site .... am new to linux... what should i look out for?

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    Welcome first of all. Your question is abit vague because "what should i look out for?" could mean several differrent things.

    Here a general linux/computer tip. Don't try suggestions off any board on a production machine unless the machine is already down. Try making changes on a test machine first, see how it goes and after some period of time put the change on the server while renaming files to be altered/replaced rather than overwrite them. This applies to any type of servers or NOS.

    This may not have been your question, so if not please repost another with a detailed question on what you mean by "look out for"?

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    flw - this should happen for anything related to computing in general - although it often doesn't

    A quick couple of tips from me:
    1. Learn about what hardware you have/plan to use for running Linux on.
      Avoid internel modems (more specifically software modems).
      Don't install everything. Before installing a Linux distribution, write down what you want to do with it, then do a bit of research about what applications might be best for you. (eg: web browsing, file downloads, music playing, cd burning, documents/spreadsheets, development.

    PS. My tips for the items I listed:
    XToaster (or however it's spelt )
    Sun JDK1.4

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