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    Should I risk voiding the warranty??

    I've just purchased a Dell computer, and it comes with Windoze XP and a one year in-home service warranty. I was told when I ordered the machine that if I partition the harddrive to install a second operating system I will void the warranty.

    Has anyone encountered such a situation before? Do I need to be so worried about my hardware failing in the first year after purchase that I don't install my favorite OS?

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    You may not be able to get any support for software related issues, and they might try to dodge supporting hardware issues, but if its obviously a hardware issue that would have occured regardless of what software is installed then its still a hardware issue. Check the small print is proberly the best way to start. Is it just software suport you lose, or hardware support as well?

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    if it is a desktop system buy a hard disk and make there the installation of linux..that's maybe a solution not to lose your guarantee..
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    most of the time if you open the case, you void the warranty, also.. so you would have to buy an external hdd if you wanted to do it that way... also, if you *never* booted the PC, you can try to get your money back for the windows XP software as per the M$ EULA... it's not easy to do, but it has been done....
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    Never use warranty before.

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