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    theory behind linux

    I am new with Linux, can you tell me the general reasons why should I use Linux? Is linux a potential alternative OS?

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    There are hundreds of these all over the place, but I feel that it is expected that I give my 2 cents. Basicaly, Linux is the OS. Imagin never getting viruses, spyware or having to reboot your computer. Imagine all the software you could ever Imagine a system that is so intuitive that it actualy makes sense. Linux is so popular that without finacial incentive, it still grows everyday. The thing to rember is, Linux is an OS that was built to run for years and never reboot or freeze. And *nix based distros are the most common on servers around the world. The other thing, is linux utilizes sytem resoucse far better than windows. Finaly, Linuxis simply better written code, M$ is cobbled together and is so chock full of security holes that patches are released daily. Linux (while in a faster development cycle) releases changes that enhance performac, stability and saftey features. the Linux programmers plan for security risk, not react. In general a linux system is more stable and more powerful than windows. but dont take our word or it, try one yourself, many find that after a month or so, they dont boot windows anymore. If your more cautios try a live boot cd that wont touch your HD like knoppix. Go to and see what they have to offer.
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    Well put, qub333. Linux is organic, the fresh air beyond the window.

    This is an exciting time and Linux is coming. Windows was built to work in a small box when computing power was expensive, so compromises had to be made. *nix was built for performance by any measure. The box is bigger now. Who needs compromise?
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    Sorry but how can you ask why you should use Linux? How would you answer this question? Well what do you expect from it (Linux)? Like what do you want to do with it, Why do you want to use it? Untill you think about these things you wont get very far. IMO these need to be answered before you start looking into going down the Linux path. The great thing about linux is it can be anything but can have its bad points. I for one wont be a troll and try and sell you linux by doing the usual MS is crap Linux is blah blah blah.

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    One thing, yes this is kinda bashing linux, if you are a hardcore gamer I wouldn't recommend linux, it takes a lot more work to install a normal windows game (some games are ported, like ut, ut2k3, and 2k4, and others) for non-ported games you would have to use wine, which works in most cases but there can be problems. I personally use linux for my server system and windows on my main system, I play a lot of games and native support for all the games is usually good. If you don't game too much then linux will work much better than windows (I have had dual boot because I liked linux so much).

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    Why don't you google it? Lots people must have already asked and answered this question.

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