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    Samaba problem Red hat 8

    Hi all

    i am using samba to share a folder created in linux, i am using Win 2000 Server ,every thing is done ,it shows the folder shared when i view it in network neighbourhood but when i click the folder it gives Access denied ,and some message in linux terminal about firwall access .....

    Can some one help

    Thank you


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    Have you added the user to your smbpasswd database?

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    Samaba problem Red hat 8

    Well yes i have added the user in the password file
    but still the same problem

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    Turn on debugging in smbd by running "smbcontrol smbd debug 6", and see if something useful turns up in the logs. Turn off debugging again with "smbcontrol smbd debug 0".

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    If you are using the linuxserver in a NT-server domain, it depends how you have configured samba, is it joined in the NT-domain or set up as a standalone server, if standalone smpasswd must be runned to match the local passwd file, if you have joined SAMBA with the microsoft domain the user must have a valid NT-account and a local Linux account to match that with + have the right permissions group, etc to realy access the specific share. Look at the sambahowto on:

    and Sambas homepage for more info

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    domain security

    I am not quite sure how you got this setup but I would run samba as a member server of the windows domain.

    set the security option in the smb.conf to be = domain and the specify the workgroup name to be the win2k domain name and the ip address of the server in the globals area. Then just setup a user account on the 2k server box for your linux account. and that should just work.
    netbios name = LinuxIsGreat
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    security = domain
    password server =
    encrypt passwords = yes
    os level = 0
    domain master = no
    local master = no
    preferred master = no

    Well you should then be able to open nautilus and navigate to smb://workgroupname and see you server (and other clients).

    now on the 2k server add a machine account for your computer using the pc name you specified in the smb.conf

    then stop smbd nmbd and run this
    # /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -j WORKGROUP

    This should join the samba pc to the domain.
    Also need to add a user account for the linux account on the 2k pc.

    then you need to create linux user and group accounts for the necessary users and groups and probably a file to convert windows usernames into linux friendly ones. There are scripts for this with samba. and net.exe on win can be used to give you user listings
    Dos prompt:
    C:\net user /domain #will list all users and stuff
    C:\net user scooby /domain # will list specific details about scooby

    If this is not what you wanted then sorry for rambling.
    Good luck

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