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Thread: Dual Boot

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    Dual Boot

    Okay, I'm having some trouble using dual boot. First I installed Windows XP. I gave it half of my hard drive to partition. Then I installed Turbolinux on the other half. So, right now I have three partitions. One for Windows XP, one for Turbolinux, and one for boot. The problem is that when I turn my computer on, it automatically starts Windows XP. I set Turbolinux to be the default OS also.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by boot partition. All you really need are a minimum of three partitons for Linux and a minimum of one for Windows.

    When the computer boots up it goes into the MBR, or Master Boot Record. That tells it which operating system to boot into. If you installed Windows second then that would have overwritten the MBR which contains your bootloader (either LILO or GRUB) and it would always boot into Windows. To fix that you would just boot into Linux using a boot floppy and install LILO again from the disk.

    I presume that you're not getting a bootloader at startup. If you installed Windows first then you should be fine. All I can suggest is booting into Linux using the floppy and setting up your bootloader again.

    Hope this helps.

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