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    Allow myself to introduce... myself. (Basic Debian Q's)

    Hello community, I'm a bit daunted when it comes to forums, but it looks like this one is fairly friendly, so I shall take the plunge.

    I've decided to run Linux on my laptop, much to the chagrin of family and amusement of friends. I finally got fed up with windows 98 (laptop isn't good enough to run NT, 2k, or any of that jazz) and so I formatted the HD. So I decided I'd install linux, and I settled on debian 3.0, r2, I believe.

    So, I installed it. Hurray! my minimal command prompt skills allows me to navigate folders, and I found a program that factors numbers. And that's it. When I was installing Debian, there was a huge list of features it said it was going to install, but I don't think that happened. While factoring numbers is great fun, I need a bit more functionality from my laptop.

    Basically, I simply want a computer to take notes for class, and to graph the odd function or the like. Windows is too rank for that... I'm annoyed when Word crashes explorer. First, my tech specs, then onto some questions.

    Pentium II "Intel Inside" 200 mhz
    128 mb/ram
    3.5 gb HD (I believe.. somewhere around there)
    CD-Rom x2 (it's sort of painful)
    Debian 3.0 r2

    Question 1:
    How do I go about installing all the features that the install said it would install, but didn't?
    (the install mentioned I could get there by going to usr/sbin/base-config, and I did that, but I don't know how to run the base-config program)

    Question 2:
    How do I get out of certain processes? For example, I run the factor process.. and if I want to go to a different folder I'd type in cd whatever, but it says cd whatever is not a valid variable to factor.

    Anyways, I start here as a complete noob. I submit myself to your collective gazes, and perhaps we both will see some changes until the day that I'm the one gazing at the noobs with the rest of you.

    Thanks for any help, and, again, Hi!

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    Welcome, to install more software try running dselect or tasksel applications. There's online documentation that will guide you through installation process. It is possible that some programs are just marked for installation, but haven't been installed yet. There's an option in dselect which will make them appear on you system.

    When it comes to the second question I gather you have to either press Control-C or Control-D to terminate the factorization program and return to the command line interpreter (aka shell).

    Good luck.
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    aha, thanks! got it working.. I also needed to log in as a superuser.

    Maybe my laptop will be up and running by the time university starts after all

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