I am currently have a dual booting hdd (xp / suse9.1). SuSE looks fine, I havent really used but kids seem to like it. I found that my modem is not working (Sahara 56K PCI Modem) and my video card (NVIDIA GForce4 MX44) is not picked up in SuSE. XP does not work when I try to boot to XP i get the following message "NTLDR is missing". Apparrently my drivers needs to be configured to Linux.

I've called the people I purchased my modem from and their website does not offer divers for Linux. Hence my modem does not work hence I cannot download the Linux drivers for my video card.

Can I?

Clear my harddrive reload windows and SuSE. Download my drivers for the video card. Will this solve my XP driver problem?

Then can I use my current modem in XP to download Linux driver for my video card onto a disk, then go into Linux and load the linux drivers from the disk. If this is possible will it also work if I download Linux software and stuff on to a disk from a pc running windows then go into Linux will I be able to load it from the disk?