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Thread: Can't Play a CD

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    Can't Play a CD

    I have Red Hat Linux and when I insert an audio cd the CD-Player starts up and shows the title of the cd but nothing happens. I click play and nothing happens. I know i have sound as in GAIM there are sounds. Thank you for any help

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    You need to connect a small audio cable from your CD-ROM drive to your soundcard. Can't remember the cable's name. Perhaps someone could provide specifics?

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    No, I have windows as well on this machine and the CD's play fine so thats not the problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSKAgent
    No, I have windows as well on this machine and the CD's play fine so thats not the problem
    Well, some CDROM drives use the PCI bus (long, flat gray cable connected to your CDROM drive and motherboard) to send their sound and some use the little gray cable attached to your sound card. Just because it works in MS Windows doesn't mean this isn't the problem.

    However, have you checked to make sure that there are no other sound daemons running while you try to play the CD? You can do this by opening a console and typing:

    ps -aux
    And look at the far right hand column. Are there any processes with names like "artsd" or "esd" running? Also, are you running GNOME or KDE?
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    Ha I'm dumb

    Ha I'm stupid. This goes to show that you may think you know what you are doing but you really don't. I checked the gray cable it had come unplugged so i plugged it in and ta da! Well anyways thanks for everybody's help.

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    It's a classic. My CDRW drive played music fine in Windows, but I couldn't understand why it wouldn't produce sound in Linux. I had this cable that came with my CDRW, but I didn't know what to do with it. When I realised what it was I felt very foolish .

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    i remember hearing some were that the cable is called a digital audio throughput cable.
    i had the same trouble i didnt see any need for it in windows i know what it did though but i still took it out but then when i used linux i had no sound for cd's untill i pluged it back in lol :P

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